Where’s my Invite?

  Today is blog day. Usually, I wake up on blog day with a theme or issue that pretty much demands to be written. Today is no different. Except this one today is embarrassing for me. I want to talk about my own worst character trait. I feel compelled to. I’d like to mature out […]

Quitting The Dead Princess Club

Years ago, I read Gilda Radnor’s book, It’s Always Something. Like many of us with advanced Cancer, she had tried to figure out what it was that had made her so sick. When she was on SNL, she had suffered eating disorders, chewed sugarless gum constantly, and drank endless cans of Tab. I did all of […]

A Little Prayer for Today

Good morning. Every day is a string of choices, like pearls. How do I greet my children, my dogs? With love, or irritation? What will I eat for my breakfast? How will I look at myself in the mirror today? Will I see myself through the critical, unforgiving eyes of my father? Or love my […]

Stop Chasing the Bacon

This month I turn 57. I’m getting long in the tooth, as they say. And I am happy to earn my fangs. As often is the case, the older we get, the more we realize we don’t know, and youth is wasted on the young and all that jazz. But there are some things I […]

Following the Heartbeats

Good morning! I’ve had a whirlwind few days with fabulous friends. I love them all and I love doing things with them, but I have a big reclusive streak as well. That reclusive, introverted part of me is my nemesis, because if left to my own devices, I will hide at home. I want to […]

Saving the World

Today I woke up utterly, completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Barely able to function, even though there is laundry to be done, groceries to buy, and bills to be paid before the work week starts again. I am too empty and too full. My heart hurts and I can’t do anything about the school shootings. I […]

I Will Never Be a Tall Black Man

One of my friends, Susan, has a phrase that she’s said to me many times over the years when I was full of self doubt; “People can tell you you’re a tall black man, but that doesn’t mean you are. It’s just not the truth.” There was more to the saying, like a tall black […]

Happy Birthday, Cheeky Yum

Hello my Friends! Cheeky Yum is two years old this week. So today is a little check in. I hit a bit of a Lemony Snicket streak. The same day Cheeky Yum turned 2, my mother passed away. And three months before that, my father passed away. In the midst of all of that I […]

Go with the Flow, Even if You are Scared.

Good morning my friends. I am in Paradise; Kauai.  Certainly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I am with friends; a few I’ve traveled with before and a few new ones. We are warrior women. Two of us have had complete lung transplants, one is a the gals is cancer survivor. I […]

Please Forgive Me.

Many of us are haunted by someone who we find just impossible to forgive. Those are the ones that we think about in the middle of the night, and the ones that pop into our heads just as we are about to enjoy a perfect weekend. It’s easy to mindgrind and replay past arguments, things […]