Where The Girls Are.

Good Morning! I’m in LA this week, visiting my most beautiful, wise, and talented daughter who introduced me to a gal named Kimmy Cricket.  Kimmy, a young woman herself, is a tour de force who is offering virtual and real life skills training, emotional support, and a safe place for girls and young adults to […]

Eel Stuff

  I came across a few written bits of story that happened when I was a teen.  I’ve italicized those bits I wrote at other times,  and then wrote around the pieces.  It’s the first time I’ve written and assembled the whole version. I’ve spent a good amount of time “on the road” in Canada […]


I mentioned a blog or so ago that I wanted to get into the power of the word a bit more.  I am deeply affected by other people’s words, to a fault.  I find the power of the word fascinating.  Humans wield words in love or anger that have the potential to make the world […]