Why am I writing a blog? There are lots and lots of blogs. Some are interesting, some not so much. Lots of people are putting their words and thoughts out there.  This is what I’m thinking. I want to tell stories about who I am, I’ve had a big and crazy life.  I have lots of stories, and lots of experiences to share.  I also have some challenges which are universal to some or all of us; I am a mother, I have Cancer, I date, I work, I write, I teach yoga and I meditate.

It’s my nature to share myself, whether through my yoga classes or through my writing.  I am good at it, because I am authentic and empathetic. What am I really not good at? Lots of things.  Cutting my kids hair and math. Actually cutting anyone’s hair, my dogs, my own, don’t ever ask me to cut your hair. Or do long division for you because I just can’t. I’ll throw my hands up, and probably swear.

When I teach, I whip out the heartstrings. Without thinking about it, I can get in there, into that place where we all hurt, wonder, feel less than, and need love, and I stir it up, juice it up, and smooth it out. I had a dream where I was teaching and I had lightning and balls of energy rolling off of my hands into the class. A little dramatic, but that’s about right. Some of us can fix a car like nobody’s business, some of us make a mean chocolate mousse, I can help you feel better.

Why Cheeky Yum? Well, Yum. was my given childhood name, Yummy. I found out in one of my teacher trainings that Yum is also the sound of the Heart Chakra, Anahatasana. I love that. Why Cheeky? Because today there is a certain Cheek to truth. In many aspects of our life today, truth isn’t always called for. Deep down almost all of us want some truth not everyone, but most of us. I sure do, so I am speaking mine. Hopefully this won’t just sound terribly narcissistic, I don’t mean it to be. I see this blog as one big collage of a living room, decorated with stories and pictures and love.

And you’re invited in.

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