The Body; She’s a Wonderful Thing



Good morning! Had some little magical events that blew my mind and I thought they might at least tickle yours as well.

I have two different tumor locations, one is tangled in my lymph underneath my armpit. When I first had my mastectomy, almost ten years ago, the surgeon mistakenly left a suture in this same area.

The other day, I was leaning back with my head in my hands and my daughter said that it looked like there was something new in my armpit. I looked, and sure enough, there were three sharp protrusions coming out of my skin. I pulled at one, and out slid a piece of the metal suture that had been left after the surgery. It looked just like a staple. I tried to do the same with the other two. They don’t appear to be ready to be ejected yet, but they are coming.

Wowza! Not only did my body break the staple into three pieces,  but it’s getting rid of metal!  Maybe I’m turning into a superhero that can shoot metal staples from my armpit.

I have a good friend who recently ended a long romance of many years. Over those years she had almost constant debilitating pain in her stomach. She went to doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists. Nothing provided any lasting relief. In fact, her pain became worse anytime she ate anything, so she stopped eating. She quickly became dangerously emaciated. She and her partner ended their relationship and suddenly her stomach issues stopped. Immediately. She could eat, and eat everything, and she began to thrive immediately. The stomach pain disappeared. Talk about a miracle, Baby. My friend has a whole new lease on life.

These events bring me a lot of peace and hope. They remind me that the human body is amazing and as mysterious as our deepest oceans and farthest reaches of space. If my body is so smart I can do my part to fight the cancer, the chemo, surgery, and the whole shebang. But I also have a whole intuitive back up going on where my heart and brain and all my little cells and circuitry is also very much on the job. I already knew that on some level, like when a parent is able to lift a car off of a trapped child. But when you’re fighting for your life things can get a little desperate. One can be tempted to forget in the power us humans already hit the planet with and start micromanaging the magic instead of allowing. Sweating the small stuff, which might actually be big stuff. Swimming against the tide. Not trusting your SELF.

I will do my best not to make that mistake again. I won’t forget to trust the deep and magical powerful mystery that is me. That is all of us.

Peace out.


  1. Dolores says:

    I know your a superhero-whether your shooting staples out of your armpit or not. Knowing there are miracles happening constantly around us has created a sense of peacefulness for me. We are strong and resilient-when we allow ourselves to be ❤️☀️Love you Liza

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liza Forster says:

    Love you back, Dolores. Always, always.


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