I am appalled and terrified at the rate at which we are hurtling towards the demise of our planet. And I am truly shocked and confused at how everyone is not 100 percent plugged into it. Are there really such things as Climate Deniers? Well STOP IT!! Just stop. We should all be working together at maximum effort to try and slow the hurtle. But it seems as if we are determined to drive faster, to pump the gas in the big piggy car until we just fly into oblivion.

I wasn’t terribly worried about my own situation with my effing cancer and my children, because I figured we all have to go at some point. I have some time left, and when I leave the planet I’m going to follow in George Harrison and David Bowie’s footsteps and do it with style. But now I am horrified, because what are my children facing. All of the younger people I work with, what have we done. How can we be here?

Clearly our president doesn’t care. They keep lifting protections wherever they can, slashing, raping, destroying. What do those people stand for, anyhow? But we don’t have time to worry about them. We literally don’t have time.

Speaking of David Bowie, his song Five Years is now our soundtrack. If you don’t recall it, give it a listen, it’s guaranteed to raise some goosebumps.

For my part, what I can do now is be absolutely pristine with my actions and my footsteps, at least do my best with discarding and reusing. I have to educate myself as to what is actually going to be helpful and make a difference, because I don’t know yet. It’s going to take more than re-using plastic bags.

If you aren’t all in, I want to ask you why? We should all be working together as hard as we can. This isn’t happening to someone else, it’s happening to us. Yes, I’ll be gone, and the idiots in the white house will be gone. But my children will be here and so will yours. In fifteen years, give or take. What are we going to do? Together? No matter who you voted for, we all inhabit this planet together and we don’t have her for much longer.


  1. Debbie says:

    Amen to that. The people in the White House and other houses of power only want to make $$$$, now! They don’t care about tomorrow. And sadly, a lot of Americans feel the same way. We saw lots of electric cars in Denmark and Norway. Lots of combination trash and recycling bins that they actually use. They get it.
    I’m trying to make a little difference. I bought mesh bags to use for fruits and veggies, in addition to reusable bags for all the food. I even remember now to bring a small reusable bag to CVS. 💕💕💕

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  2. snowelk says:

    👍 Yes! True. Sadly true. If we don’t all research what we as individuals can do, the picture is break & the consequences devastating.

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