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How do can we possible manage everything that is happening now?

Our best possible coping mechanism we can give ourselves is to live right in this itty bitty and fleeting moment.

The present moment will always be with you. Your present. In this moment, those of us who are sick are alive. Those of us who are lost, heartbroken and afraid are okay. Don’t despair. The present is the place to be.

When we live in the past we get depressed.

When we look forward we get anxious and scared. Who wouldn’t?

Our asses may fall off in 15 minutes. We may get sucked of the planet tomorrow. Our loved ones will expire and leave us. Someday, you and I will be gone as well.

But right here, right now, we are okay. We are all right, and we are enough. The very next moment becomes our present, and the next and the next and then we have a string of moments that just move off, observed, appreciated, and then gone.

Living in the moment keeps the scary stuff manageable, helps uncurl the fists, and lets us breathe.

Whether your demons are running the country or part of your family or your work, keep what you can do in perspective. Vote. Put your foot down. Establish boundaries. The people who you have to convince that you are worth loving, let them go with love.

In the end, we are all the same; energy. That’s all. Our labels and beliefs and thoughts,  what kind of food we like and who we vote for, none of it will matter. All that matters is now.

Be here now.  In your best and only Present.

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