“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” – From Cool Hand Luke 

I may be naïve. I may be missing something. But here’s my issue.

Human beings have always relied on stories to explain the mysteries of the world. Myth taught us what it meant to be a bad guy, and what it took to be a good guy, a hero. A hero has to walk through some fire. A hero has to overcome the odds and do the right thing. The bad guy needs to fall. Be defeated. Fall off the cliff. Die by their own sword. Or come around and see the light and redeem himself, like Scrooge.

You and I know what the wrong things are, because we all come from the same stories. I’m not just talking about religion, although religions are certainly based on stories with good guys and bad guys. I’m also talking about the movies we watch, the  songs we sing along with, the bedtime tales we used to be told, even television commercials operate in these storylines. There’s only seven storylines in the whole world, and we all know them and all their combinations by heart. It’s in our DNA, We ALL knew right from wrong. Once upon a time.

So what gives today? Why is right from wrong suddenly different? I know a lot of it is about money. Greed has replaced our amber waves of grain with Monsanto Monster crops and fracking fields and filled our seas with plastic and toxic sludge. Our schools have lead contaminated waters in the drinking fountains and our wildlife is starving. For US. I mean the US which consists of you and me as well as the United States. You might be a conservative and I might be a liberal, but ultimately, we still want the same thing, don’t we? We grew up in the same towns, played together outside until dark, and stole our first cigarettes from our parents, and shared them with each other, ducked and covered under the same school desks. We knew who we were then. How are we suddenly enemies now? Why are we looking and hating each other as if the other side is the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse?

This bully who pumps his fists and screams MOB, when we say Stop! Enough! He is not our hero. He wants to separate us, and make us hate each other. Why would we ever let that happen? We know what happens when the flock gets separated, we’ve all heard that folk tale. There’s lots of blood.

This is a very, very scary story. Our lives, our well-being, our country, our very planet, our children are all in such a precarious place, and I am so frightened. It takes a lot to rattle me so deeply. Cancer didn’t do it. Divorce couldn’t do it. But this situation has got me shaken.

I carry on, and I will continue to do what I know is right, and speak up for what I know is right, and hope and pray that we will ALL somehow find a way to carry on and get through this without becoming collateral damage. We all know better. We just need to get together and do it, and banish this very bad influence back into the darkness. Because right now this is reading like the scariest of all Stephen King stories. At the very least, we are getting closer to some kind of weird civil war.

This just can’t be The End. We all have to do better.


  1. Sue says:

    It is a sad time but sad times preceded this , the fall of Rome comes to mind. Hmmm

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  2. Karen freede says:

    Always good to hear your voice Liza.
    Yes scary times indeed. I am volunteering whenever and as much as I possibly can to insure there’s a blue wave. We need everyone who cares about our crumbling democracy and believes in human decency. We need to step up and work for real American values that safeguard our health and safety, our families and provide refuge for those in need. Please get involved to change the trajectory we’re on. We need you!!

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