Tap Your Troubles Away

My hipster daughter, Gilda, and I often share tips on various energy processes because energy work is quite powerful. The trick is to find a technique that works for you, and that you’ll actually practice. Some of the more familiar types of energy work are Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, but there are many.  Best of all, most of the practices can be learned for free. Once you learn the technique, the practice is up to you.

Gilda had mentioned that she had been practicing a form of energy work called Tapping.  She said that she felt it had helped both a physical and an emotional issue.  Hey, I’ve got a few of both of those, I said.  I’ll give it a whirl.

Energy work is based on manipulating the energy outside a body to affect what’s happening inside the body.  Everything, including the human body, is made of energy.  We are also surrounded by energy.  The tapping technique works in a similar way as acupressure and acupuncture.  Acupuncture uses needles or pressure points to clear points of “congestion” in the energy meridians in the body, so the concept of Tapping was familiar and made sense to me.

Below is a handy dandy video of how to Tap, followed by some written directions.  If you’re unclear, peruse it further.  Google and or Youtube it.  There are slight variations, all super easy to do. Just click on the link and give it a go.



Pick your problem or issue, money, pain, anger, loss, love, whatever it is.   Give your emotion or issue a number, from 1-10, 10 being unbearable.

Follow the wording in the video; for example “Even though I have this (emotion/issue) I still deeply love and accept myself.”  Repeat this three times, while tapping your karate chop area of your hand.

Move through the six points indicated in the video, tapping each about 5 times, repeating “this (emotion/issue)”.

Once you have tapped on all six points, take a second to notice whether you feel a little better.  Give your level of discomfort a number.  If it hasn’t decreased significantly, repeat the whole process.  And then again if necessary.

I’ve used it primarily for irritation and anger, and find that it dissipates pretty quickly.

I’m going to add one technique that is the cherry on the Tapping pie.  I call it “Pulling.”  I find the two techniques work very well together.  When you distill an emotion down; say you’ve gone through several rounds of tapping and feel better, but you still have an uncomfortable lump in the chest or the throat or the belly, you make as if to grab the lump, and literally PULL it from the body.  Imagine it being sticky and resistant.  Pull with some effort, some muscular tension, I find when I do this it often makes me gag.  Then SNIP it with your Air scissors, two fingers of either hand. Snip that sh*t. Cut it and toss it to the wind.

I may have made “Pulling” up, but I find so many emotions have such an enormous physical component that it is very effective to grab the offending emotion and pull the sucker out.

So Tap.  Then Pull.  I’ll write more on Pulling later.

In the meantime, may your energy flow freely.  May the lumps and bumps be gone and make way for easy sailing and blue skies.


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