Saving the World


Today I woke up utterly, completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Barely able to function, even though there is laundry to be done, groceries to buy, and bills to be paid before the work week starts again.

I am too empty and too full. My heart hurts and I can’t do anything about the school shootings.

I can’t keep the bees from dying

I can’t make people care about truth.

Mother Earth is the Big Boss and she is pissed and she doesn’t appear willing or able to put up with us Users and Abusers for much longer. I feel helpless and worried.

What in the world can I do? I can’t even get my kid to put the clean dishes away properly or wear his bike helmet to school.

I regarded this overwhelm of mine this morning and put on my headphones and played a meditation. The knot in my chest eased a bit.

I made breakfast and shared some with my son. Sitting with him and having our breakfast is soothing. I’ve taught my children to respect truth, even if my son tells tales about wearing his helmet.

It’s okay that I can’t save the world today.

Life gets big and sharp and jagged, I try and remember to wrap my arms around what I know and go inside when I need to.

I marvel at the thought of how powerful it would be if all the current players on the chaotic world stage at the moment took the time for meditation and reflection, how different the world would be right now. Instantly. And I understand that putting my fretting aside and sitting my weary tuckus down to meditate is not as small as I think. It’s huge.

It’s what is called for. It’s what I can do right now.


  1. Karen Freede says:

    You are an inspiration.
    Thanks for being so honest and sharing your life with us.
    I think of you often and like to remember you saying “I am enough”
    YOU are enough!
    HUGE hugs to you Liza😘😘😘 and lots of love!!


  2. Chandra says:

    I feel ya girl. The way we seem to be headed in this world seems more overwhelming than we can handle or change. But yes, we meditate, we bring our good to the world


  3. Debbbie says:

    We “little people” need to not give up. We can change the world, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep teaching yo


  4. Debbbie says:

    Your children well. Love you, Liza!


  5. save the world a little bit everyday, BOYCOTT THE KOCH BROTHERS , there’s an app for that! They are the reason the bees are not going to survive , they are behind the Tax scam that will cause the republicans to say we have to cut programs now cause we are broke. You can put these clowns out of work ,they have been messing with you longer that you know . It’s time to end the grip on your life !


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