Life can be heinously complicated, so complicated sometimes that the very breath can get knocked out of us.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things; a mantra, a hug, a cup of tea, that helps us remember that we are allowed and maybe even required to lay some of our load down. None of us can manage it all, nor should we. Sometimes we just need to restore. To lay down and soak in rest. Let our wilty and tired cells, hearts, bodies and spirits renew.

I’m repeatedly in awe of (but not surprised by) how the smallest nudge towards a new thought, a new practice, a new perception, can radically change our lives. Meditation, yoga, community, self-acceptance, and accountability all have a profound impact on how we relate to our people, our planet, our bodies, and our minds, and these practices have no limits, we can all really go as far as we want.

But sometimes smaller, simpler and immediate practices are what’s needed, especially in times of screaming chaos.

Right now I need “simple” to stay the course to manage that is ahead. Following are a few daily priorities that I don’t skip;

Journal. I write every morning. I picked up that habit from The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, many years ago. It is therapy. There is nothing else that consistently helps me navigate issues and the answers always come, always.

Exercise. I make a living teaching people to move, Yoga, Cycling. I almost never want to do it myself, unless I am really on fire and need to get my yah-yah’s out. But after I do, my hormones, muscles, heart, and body are all grateful. Matthew McConaughey said in an interview that his rule is to break a sweat every day. Words to live by.

Water the garden. Our bodies need water. Just like gardens. All of our various levels of respiration and metabolism need water. I noticed that when I hydrate through the day with clean, fresh water, I cope better, I feel better, and I even look better. Thinking about watering a garden is a more effective visual for me, because we all know how a crinkly thirsty little plant will happily spring to life with a drink. Water does the same for us people.

Meditate. I meditate every day, and not always like a rockstar.  Sometimes my meditations are messy, my apartment can be noisy, but I do it anyway. 15 or 20 minutes is my daily practice. If I am feeling like a yoga goddess I’ll do a longer one. But when I have ants in my pants I sit down and get quiet. Down and dirty and when I am done, I am a clean slate.

These are my four little daily rituals to keep me coping, four little oars to float my boat. They help me manage. I can handle somewhat successfully whatever the day throws at me. I don’t miss any of them, because they are my tools that give me perspective and peace.

And I am happy to share them with you.

Art Credit: Moi


  1. Carolyn Geis says:

    Liza thank u for the inspiration to take a moment and relax. So important especially during the holidays. I am going to try the journal. Have a lot on my mind maybe it’s a good thing to put it someplace else.


  2. Mari Kent says:

    Hi Liza
    Great thoughts thanks for sharing

    I heard you will be leaving CF and N.Y.
    I wish you all the positive energy you need to make the trip back home and get settled in

    Liked by 1 person

  3. joanna z says:

    Good words! Thanks for sharing – I look forward to all your writings….keep ’em coming xxoo Joanna


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