Don’t Do Anything…until you read this.

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Good Monday morning, my friends. This is a Public Service Announcement that will change your life.

Sit your tuckus down, because we are going to meditate.

What? You can’t sit still? I don’t care. What, you can’t stop thinking fourteen things at once? What if I told you that doesn’t matter right now?

Just sit down. That’s the first step. Can you find a place where no one will bug you for five minutes? Just five to start. If you have a noisy house, put on some headphones (they don’t have to be plugged into anything. Or use a pair of earplugs.)

Set your timer on your phone, and then mute it so you aren’t interrupted. Five minutes. You aren’t moving, even if your a$$ falls off. This is non negotiable.

Close your eyes. We are breathing in and out through the nose, but if this is your first go round, you breathe however you like. As you inhale, count ONE, to yourself. As you exhale, count TWO.

That’s all. Your mind will wander. Your nose will itch. You’ll suddenly remember ten thousand things you need to do. Don’t. Start counting your breath again.

This is what you need to do. Just do five minutes.

Tomorrow, you’ll do the same. And so on. And the magic of this, is that all of a sudden, you will be wanting that five minutes. Things will start to get quiet, and when they don’t, you will understand how to bypass the internal noise. You’ll start getting answers. Five minutes will turn into an easy 15, then 20.

Why is meditation good? Well, besides making every little thing in your life manageable (yes, everything), it adds new wrinkles to the brain and changes the chemicals in your body for the better. We may not want wrinkles on the outside, but the more wrinkly our brains are, the better. Has anyone ever offered you anything that will make every little aspect of your life better? You know what else? It’s free.

This is a down and dirty, overly simplistic way to start, but meditation actually is that simple. The hard part is getting your you-know-what into the chair.

Start today.

Artwork: Gilda Hall



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