Life is Short and Precious – So Keep it Sexy


I was talking to a very good friend about the State of the World; the fires, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the violence. We spoke about the dire predictions for the various parts of the world; which coast is going to end up under water, and who’s going down in a deep freeze. Somehow, we were able to laugh about it.

He said, “Life is short and precious and we need to keep it sexy. Just keep it sexy, People!”

“Sexy” meaning full of sizzle and connection. The sparkly good stuff that ignites and pops as a result of a whole lot of good vibes. Meaning ride the rocket and holler all the way, styling with hands full of good deeds and hearts full of love. People can be so awful to each other, but we can also be so good at helping people, helping each other, doing good things for other people we don’t even know out of Love.

John Lennon had it right.  Love is the answer. Without it, there’s just fear and loathing.

I know, for myself, I can’t do without it. I’ve had money without love, and the days were flat and lifeless.

Mostly I spend my days with lots of love, and not much money, and I am full.

If there is no love I suffocate.

That’s just how I am.

It may be the deep unconditional love that my posse of kids and I share. There is nothing deeper or more fulfilling to me than that. It could be deep attachment with another human, belly laughs, and feeling of history and empathy with friends. It could be my dogs sleeping next to me and sighing in their sleep.

My son told me that our neighbor kids had tamed a few local squirrels. The kids pamper and cuddle the creatures, who completely cooperate. Even the squirrels buy in to the heartstrings. We all need the reminder that we are all in this together and we need to play nice. At least, if we’re going down, it’s together, and we were doing our best.

So, if we do arrive at our end of days and burn up, or fall into the ocean, or become vaporized with a nuclear bang, I will continue to wrap my arms and my heart around as many souls as I can. Because we might as well keep it sexy.

Photo credit – Sony Pictures. Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.



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  2. Sue says:

    In your quest for sexy skip hugging squirrels, just saying😘

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