You Know you Can – So Do It.


Good Morning, my Friends.  Yesterday, I had taken my son to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Another parent came in with his two older kids. Our eyes met, and we smiled at each other. It was clear that he was enjoying his down time with his kids, like I was. We had a moment and I noticed how the lines on his face showed he was a guy who liked to laugh and his eyes were kind, both traits I find very attractive. I thought to myself, this is one of those moments when people say, “I’m going to marry that guy,” and against all odds, they do.  Because both people are receptive to the energy that buzzes around, responding to the push and pull of all of our collective selves, and magic like strangers falling instantly in love happens.

I felt that potential. I could have stirred that up.  I noticed it and then I let it go.  The moment was broken when he sat with his back to me, it wasn’t a sad thing, it’s just what it was. I continued to feel that the man and I were sharing the great comfort and joy in being able to spend time with the people you love the most.  The energy was palpable, comfortable, and gratifying.

This stuff happens all the time, but we aren’t always paying attention.  We get wrapped up in our own thoughts of what is happening.  My chips are stale, the place is expensive, the waitress is slow.  But when we pay attention, the power behind our thoughts, and our impressions of what we are capable of, or what we aren’t is formidable.

I’ve been in both places. The I can do anything versus Everything is stupid. I can go to both places and back in three minutes. I can feel the complete and utter shutdown of the universe when I feel frustrated and stuck. The more stuck I feel, the more I try and fight it, the grippier it gets, like quicksand, and it won’t budge until I just stop struggling.

Just the other day, I was in a Japanese restaurant with my other son. (Yes, I do go out to eat quite a bit) I was having a bad day. Having a Bad Day. See how that works?  I set up my expectation of what how things would unfold, and that’s exactly how it happened.  I had a tangle with someone earlier, it had been upsetting, I was worn out. I probably looked upset, the waiter sensed my push, my irritation, and responded in kind.

My doing completely. My Bad Day was my call. I fastened myself to an expectation of being disappointed and then I surely was. Setting myself up differently, not staying invested in the tangle would have maybe resulted in a better lunch experience.  But hey, we are human. We may be quick studies when it come to how all this stuff works, but we are quick to forget. Being human means we come to the party flawed.

The Beatles said it, The Love you Take is Equal to the Love you Make.  How you see things or expect them to be is how they will be, pretty reliably across the board.

Like so:

Statement: I have horrible taste in men. Result: You keep picking the wrong guys.

Statement: I’m un-photogenic.  Result: You have no pictures where you aren’t making an uncomfortable face.

Statement: I don’t have any friends. Result: You are alone.

Statement: I don’t have the career/love/life/clothes/money that I need and want. Result: You don’t.

When you do feel the freedom to dream about things in an unlimited way, there’s no limit to what comes together as a result. I know that to be the truth, although I don’t always practice it, because of that human thing I mentioned.  Like many of us, sometimes it just feels easier to mess around in the mud I know rather than spreading wings and practicing our flying.

So today, let’s all get out of the mud a little bit.  Every time we take a step towards something new, the universe will meet us.  And as I’ve said in past blogs, there is absolutely nothing wrong with faking it until it becomes your truth.  Just put it out there, and quicker than you can say, “I think I can, I think I can,” it will be so.

Picture Credit – Watty Piper


  1. Mari Kent says:

    Hi Liza
    All Great reminders !!
    Thanks for putting it down on paper
    Mari 🌺


  2. Joe Westbrook says:

    So nice to read positive words from soul I remember sharing so much mirth. My favorite place is staying joyfully positive whenever the darkest personalities are droning on. Once the rain stops a rainbow helps everyone forget the drip.

    Liked by 1 person

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