Eye of The Storm

hurricane-irma-satellite-noaa-ht-jc-170905_12x5_992Today is a little blog, a blip of a blog. I know we all have our high beams focused on Irma which is currently engulfing Florida. I’ve stayed pretty close to the TV this weekend, and imagine I will continue to throughout the day, as will many of you.  I don’t want to pull energy, attention, and support away from our friends, relatives, and neighbors in Florida, Houston, and those who are battling the fires on the West Coast. Instead, I’d like to take this small opportunity to point out, that there is a significant bit of light in all of this. Our country is suddenly shaken out of the Us against Them, at least for a little bit.  We are, if only temporarily, united in our support and concern for each other.  Above the red and the blue and the orange, there is US. The threat of water surges and 180 mile winds and nowhere to run blows away gender, race, religion, and class. We are just humans. Imperfect, messy and frightened, but united and willing to help each other.  Today, let’s remember that and not be so quick when the water and winds settle to go back to where we were, pitted against each other. For better or worse, we need to be united, because divided we fall and are easy prey.

Om Shanti (Peace) to everyone battling for their lives and safety. We are all sending light and prayers, and support.  Let’s not forget who WE are.

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