Good morning. I’ve said in my blog before that one of my favorite mantras is “You are Enough.” I love the words because we can be so hard on ourselves, we beat ourselves up constantly. We self-flagellate and betray our bodies, our hearts and our spirits by putting ourselves down. I say “You are Enough” often as a closer to my yoga classes, and I can see the relieved expressions on my clients faces as they hear the soothing words. They are balm.

Often, we just need to let ourselves off the hook.  But sometimes, we actually could be doing much better.

I have some serious health issues. The other day my daughter asked me if I was really doing everything I could to make myself as healthy as possible.

The honest answer is, no, I am not. I work in the wellness industry.  I know exactly what I should and should not be doing. In some ways, I am batting a thousand. There are some ways that I am not. I can do better, and that is up to me. My inner eight-year-old says I have life threatening issues, so I should be able to do everything, have anything, drink everything I want. My more evolved self says, I have health issues so I need to do better than I’m used to and thrive.

I just finished reading the memoir The Glass Castle. It bothered me immensely, the way a powerful story does. If you have any kind of unconventionality in your family, which of course most of us do, the book will bother you as well. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s about deeply troubled parents that follow every destructive impulse to the point of ruin. Their kids are left to fend for themselves for days without food or even a roof over their heads. There would be no reasonable expectation for these young people to do more than survive, if they even are allowed to do that. But, against all odds, they are driven to want more for themselves and make themselves better people. Read it and see if they get it or not.

We may not really have any outward motivation to do better. I’m motivated to make mostly good decisions for my health situation. But why not all?  What’s my prob? Making changes sometimes puts us outside out cozy comfort zones. But I’ve decided to get a little uncomfortable and change some of that up. For example, I’m studying for my personal training certification, it’s a bear. A big growly Revenant bear. I’m not retaining things the way I used to. Why put myself through the trouble? Because it adds more dimension to my wellness profile.  It ups my cred. It makes me better at what I do.

Our lives may be clicking along just fine. But if we look at the State of the Planet as of this writing, doing better is what is called for. We need to broaden our collective view of the world, and expand and evolve past our self-limiting beliefs. We need to be super teachers and better friends.  We need to shake out some wings and dust and do some exploring. We need to stir up some love and shine our hearts all over each other.

We already are enough. Now let’s do better.

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