Here’s what I want to say today. Don’t skip the celebrations. Don’t skip the birthdays and the anniversaries. Especially with people you have history with, with people who know you.

We get busy, we celebrate busy, we adore busy.  But busy is just that. Another four letter word. Busy is an excuse. Us carbon based star matter creatures have a set number of heartbeats to walk the planet with. So do our loved ones and they don’t all line up. Someday we are going to lose each other. Those moments that you can share a laugh and a big hug with someone is what matters. Our work will be waiting for us when we are done.

Busy can be a distraction.  Sometimes too, when you do give yourself the gift of a little time, you actually notice what is happening, for better or worse.  This morning I woke up with a sense of urgency. I was thinking; I gotta’ go! Get on the road! Traffic is going to be hell! I am BUSY, dammit! The uncomfortable feeling threatened to turn into an anxiety attack. I grabbed my friend’s bike out of the garage and went on a ten-mile bike ride along the beach and through the rich green neighborhoods. I felt disconcerted, disconnected, out of place. When I got back to our place, I still felt like I needed to leave, but my son said, “What for? Please stay.”  So I did. Jangly nerves and all.

We all went to the beach. There was a whale and some dolphins, something I had seen many times in Los Angeles but never in New York.  My cousins and sister and I took pictures together and ate sandwiches and shared some laughs.

I’ll deal with the heavy traffic tonight, it will be a bear.  I’ll get home late, and wake up early.  Monday will come, just like it always does. But this weekend, instead of just doing my duty and getting my chores done, I will have collected some invaluable time with family that I love and don’t see often enough.  Quality time.

That’s all I got.  Party on.


  1. Sydney says:

    Liza that’s so true!, if you’re too busy to stop and look around at what truly matters is very sad to miss out
    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Joanna cusack says:

    Love love love your posts! Namaste xox your outlook on life , your smiles and jokes help me breathe a little easier and you have helped me love yoga life.


  3. Anita says:

    Party on !!! Yes . I often watch birds while I drive while I run while I work in my garden .. my girls think I am strange but it makes me slow down and pause .. now they do it too . 💜


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