Right Here. Right Now.

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Good Morning.  I have one thing to tell you today; You will never have any kind of lasting happiness unless you make living in the present moment your regular jam.  That is just the truth. If you aren’t looking at what is right in front of you right now, you’re missing out on the jewels of your very own life, Baby.

The past makes us depressed.  The past makes us sad and/or nostalgic.  The future makes us anxious and worried.

Some of us are actively dying, have disease and pain, are in unhappy relationships or situations, and some of us are going to get hit by a bus or sucked off the planet by an alien mothership in the next four hours.  But at this moment, if you are reading this, at this very moment blood is coursing through your veins, oxygen is filling your lungs, you may be hearing neighbors making love or arguing, the sound of your kids singing in the next room. It’s all happening now, and it’s still all right.  This moment, and then this moment, and then this moment.  It’s called being present, and presence is the best present you can give yourself.

Here’s something that I am seeing right now, that I might miss if I was mind-grinding about the fact that tomorrow is Monday and my weekend is almost over (instant depression). My boy Sam likes to “groom” my dogs.  But he doesn’t really groom them, he shaves them.  So I am looking at my two goofy shaven dogs.  They refuse to let Sam do their feet so they look like they are wearing fur boots.  Out of modesty, he also left their girl parts untouched.  So they are completely nude except for their fluffy fur underwear and boots. By the way, we made a deal and his grooming career is over.

I asked the same Sam yesterday if he was the one who left an open container of beans on the counter all night. The look of surprise on his face transformed him from his twenty-year-old self back to his very young self.  Just for a few seconds, my little Sammy was there.  It filled me with tenderness so see that toddler that I loved so much, but who is now a man standing in front of me.  It only was a flash, a second, but because I was present, I got to see it, and feel it. It was a gift, a gift of presence.

At this moment, I am enjoying a glass of coldbrew, feeling the buzz of the caffeine. It’s an early summer morning in New York and the porch door is open and as I look up from my computer screen I see trees and I can hear the birds.  The air is soft and comfortable on my skin. At this moment I am alive, content to be writing. If I start thinking about the fact that the planet may be too warm to live on in my children’s lifetime, I get anxious and upset. If I think about what could happen if I lose my healthcare and can’t get my cancer medications, I start to panic. Just like that, I can be in a spin. Then I bring myself back to this moment. The birds. Right now, I am okay, right now, and everyone I love is okay.

Right here, right now. Stay Present.


Artist: Unknown



  1. erinwrote says:

    Beautiful. A tough practice to cultivate, but worthy nonetheless. In moments of clarity, I find myself overwhelmed by the fullness of the day or the moment, whereas my m.o. is normally to focus on what’s lacking. Great post, thanks for sharing.


  2. 1maginera says:

    ‘Thank you for the reminder Liza. For some reason I keep forgetting this when I need to remember it most. -g


  3. Anita livasi says:

    A good friend of mine and yours told me something the other day when we met for coffee in Montreal .. she said she doesn’t just live Day to day but rather cherished every second . You are both very wise and I thank you for making us all the wiser . 💜U Liza


  4. I heard a great quote recently that applies to being present: “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

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