Happy Birthday, Cheeky Yum!



Good morning, Blogee’s!  I am very happy to say, CheekyYum.com is now a year old.  I usually only have that kind of commitment to my bad habits.

The good stuff I tend to skip here and there.  Like Meditation.  Something that I can do for free that will re-wire my brain and make my life fall into place?  Skip it!!  Come on!  Eat something instead!  Check Facebook! Oh well, at least I have the wherewithal not to stay away too long.  I do always come back.

But my blog?  I’ve hung in.  I was always a storyteller, maybe more prolific than skilled.  But I knew there was value to having a good story in my pocket.  When I was a kid I would walk through the woods to the bus stop and tell my little sister stories.  Some of them were ongoing, some were bite sized pieces.  When she stayed home sick I walked and told my stories to the trees and the deer.  I followed my Dad around with stories while he worked outside.  I’m not sure that he listened, but I got rewarded with a sip of his beer here and there, which seemed to signify some kind of approval.  Always good to get some kind of acknowledgment for your work.

I sort of moved away from storytelling until my daughter was born. I decided to write a book.  It was published by a publisher and was successful in its own little niche. I moved on to screenplays, and wrote furiously.  My poor ex-husband and friends read and re-read everything and gave me notes.

I got an agent, who hated my work.  An agent client relationship can be tricky, but it’s helpful to have them like you and this one did not.  Overwhelmed with my production level, he told me, “No one writes a spec for the Sopranos overnight.”  Clearly he underestimated my complete and utter ability to get lost in and belt out a story.  And it was a good one.  Mobster Tony Soprano gets breast cancer and is all twisted up about his crew finding out the big boss man has titty cancer.  My agent was appalled and told me that men don’t get breast cancer.  El wrongo, moron, they sure do.  Anyhow.  That was the end of that professional relationship.  I fired him, he fired me.  We fired the heck out of each other.

I digress.  Back to the blog.  I went through my own cancer treatment, a divorce, had three kids running around demanding my attention.  That was fine, I love spending time with no one more than my messy pack of children.  Although my writing always called to me, I didn’t devote the solid sit down time that it required. My life kept reinventing itself, I became a black belt, owned a karate studio, started working in fitness, teaching yoga, had boyfriends. Time marched on.

Now older and wiser, I missed being able to put my work, my thoughts, myself out there and get feedback.  That’s how the blog was born.  I often heard from people in my yoga classes that I was helpful to them because I spoke authentically and without judgement.  I won’t say I am not judgy, I sure am.  It’s one of my least admirable traits.  But, when I call my higher self to come hither, I like to assist everyone in feeling okay about letting themselves off the damn hook.

Happy birthday, Cheeky Yum.  Happy Spring.  Don’t forget to meditate.  Don’t forget to breathe.  Don’t forget to take the shackles off every now and then and look silly.  Be happy for the simple things, even if it’s just a healthy pair of nipples.  Not all of us have them anymore.  Smile at your kids, and mean it.

Thank you for your energy and support.  Happy Birthday, Cheeky Yum!!


  1. Sue says:



  2. Anita says:

    It is I that needs to thank u . Your stories make me think, make me laugh and make me smile .


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