Where The Girls Are.


Good Morning!

I’m in LA this week, visiting my most beautiful, wise, and talented daughter who introduced me to a gal named Kimmy Cricket.  Kimmy, a young woman herself, is a tour de force who is offering virtual and real life skills training, emotional support, and a safe place for girls and young adults to thrive; The Girls Girl Club.

I’m teaching an Intuitive Self Defense to some of Kimmy’s Girls today.  I am so inspired by her action and success in her endeavors that I asked her if she would like to share her story.

CY: What is the Girls Girl Club and how did it get started?

KC: The Girls Girl club is a couple things. It’s a place for women to support and accept one each other. And a place for civic engagement, social justice and support for the arts. It got started with just a few drawings that said “Girls Girl”. I had just been laid off from my job, and I need something positive to focus my energy on. I have always felt that it’s important for women to accept and empower one another. I decided to set a meeting, I talked to my good friend Jamie Thompson at West End Gallery and Tattoo studio offered her space and 80 people showed up. The response let us know that we need this in our community. Since then we now have a board of 5 members, all like minded women of the community who are working hard to make this club work. Shout out to the board: Heather Jameson (Gal Friday)
Amelia Batt (Treasurer and Volunteer coordinator)
Stephanie Harper (Vice President and Editor)
Lauren Behr (Secretary)

CY: Is Kimmy Cricket your real name? If not, can you tell me where it comes from? I keep wondering whether it have anything to do with Jiminy Cricket who helped out the boys in Pinocchio?

KC: My real name is Kimmy Lenwell. Kimeny Cricket became a nickname, and then a business name for an Etsy store. I used to make resin jewelry and I the profit went to help pay for my bachelors degree. I love the parallel you drew between Jiminy Cricket assisting young boys and the work we are doing. I wouldn’t dare compare myself to Jiminy, I still have a lot to learn and need my own Jiminy sometimes.

CY: Why do you think you’ve had such a successful following in such a short time?

KC: I think because everyone is looking for a safe place that we can be ourselves and feel supported. There are some women who aren’t on board with this message yet, and it can be hard to find like minded women. This club provides a safe place to make friends, and get involved in the community.

CY: Is there anything you’d like to share about why you are inspired to be a resource for young women/girls?

KC: I understand exactly how difficult it can be to make new friends, or know who to trust. I have had my fair share of poor treatment by females, but I have had even more instances of kindness and acceptance. If we can foster a safe environment, encourage empathy, and self love… maybe we can help prevent bullying and make the world a better place.

CY: Where do you see the Girls Girl Club going? Where do you see yourself in five years?

KC: We would love to open a Girls Girl clubhouse where we can work everyday to empower women. In five years we would love to have a full rotating schedule of classes to empower the teacher, and the student. Having skills and knowledge is confidence building and empowering. We all have so much to learn from each other. I can’t speak for the rest of the board, but I would say that is my main dream.

The beautiful thing about working in a team is that we have all have different talents, ideas, life experiences to lend towards our members needs. So we will keep checking in with our members and evolve to make it work for our community and for ourselves.

Thank you, Kimmy!  I’m thanks for your time, and I’m honored to work with your Girls today!




  1. dolores orchanian says:

    We need that here liza. It’s important to have that safe and secure place. You are missed but im so happy you are with sweet little girl

    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Heather says:

    Awesome. You’re so cool Liza. Thanks for helping to spread the message.


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