Perception Becomes Reality


This is a mini blog today.  A baby bloggy.  I had quite a profound little experience the other day, and I’d like to share it.  In the Tapping blog a few blogs back (say that five times fast), I was repeating the mantra, “Because I deeply love and respect myself.”  That’s a lot for many of us to swallow, myself included.  I’ve spent much of my life, well, actually to be honest, most of my life, saying and thinking exactly the opposite.  I wish that were different but it is what it is.

I am toying with a few major life decisions, and as I turn these things over in my head and ponder what to do, I often start my line of thought with “because I have Cancer….”  That’s a good enough reason for just about anything.  That’s a good enough reason for me to buy a one way ticket to Paris.  Honestly, I’d have to buy five tickets.  One for each of my kids, and one for my daughter’s boyfriend Ethan, because he takes such good care of my girl.  And one for my nephew Max, because I love him too.  And my three four footers.  That’s just too much ticket buying.

But I was turning over this potential event that in my head, and without any effort at all, I started the thought process not with, “Because I have Cancer…” but with “Because I deeply love and respect myself….”

Whoa, Boss!  Where did that come from?  That’s not how I usually do it.  In addition to the Cancer there’s always a lot of “would” and “should”.  Those words we should just blip out of our vocabularies.   But here I am talking about loving and respecting myself in my major decision making, which is just as it should be.  That’s some good magic.  It’s the tapping, but it’s not just the tapping.  It’s a shift in my perception that I’ve been making quite some effort to make, and I am happy that it seems to be sticking.  I maybe a little long in the tooth now, and I wish I had learned some of this sooner.  But we all know things when we know them, and not one second sooner.

Hey, I deeply love and respect you all, too.

Peace out.  ox.




  1. Bill Kenny says:

    I deeply love and respect you too! Je t’aime mon amie!


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