The Big Cull


Good Morning, People.  Its 2017.  This pic is someone lazing around in bed, but not me.  I got up bright and early to teach a New Years Day Spin class.  Today is just a little bit of a blog, a blip.  I am working on a project that has my computer on fire, but didn’t want to let CheekyYum’s blog day to go by, on this first day of 2017 without sending out greetings and Love.

Resolutions, I don’t do them often.  But this year, I am letting go of things.  I am letting go of belongings that don’t fit or work or that I might use later.  I want to shed behaviors that are products of my “isms”  and I want to let I go of fears that have followed me forever.  Such as; LACK.

LACK scares me.  It troubles me.  I have always had enough, even if there were times I was worried I didn’t.  That’s why I eat like a convict.  Like I have to get done before someone takes my plate, takes my glass, takes my stuff away.  Lack of time, lack of money, lack of love.  I’m letting that go and urging myself to TRUST that I will have enough.

I’m culling.  Culling so I can travel light and stay focused on the things that matter.  Such as this moment which is free of me and everyone I love bursting into flames.

Because it’s all we really have.




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  1. Diane Smith says:

    Happy New Year! Namaste..x


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