Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


Good morning my Friends.

This is a dark time.  We need to decide how we’ll move through it and be of as much service to mother earth and our friends, families, and neighbors, even (especially) the ones we don’t like very much at the moment.

Chaos comes before growth.  You have to turn and break the soil before you can plant.  You’ve got to stir up some sh*t.

So, I’ve made a plan for myself that you might find helpful in navigating dark days and bringing in some light.

-Break up with your electronics.  Just a little bit.  This is a time for us to be awake, be vigilant, be plugged in with your whole self.  Not distracted.  Encourage your kids to do the same thing.  If they aren’t having it, make them. This is an incredible time in history and they need to pay attention.  We all do.

-Honor the arts.  Listen to music, all kinds.  Go to a museum, a concert, a play.  Paint something.  Draw something. Have one artists day a week.

-Go outside.  Walk.  Think about how you can contribute to helping our planet heal, right now.  Half measures mean nothing here.  We are poisoning our water and burning up our earth.  The oceans, animals, plants, bees, every bit of life needs our help.  We need to take our heavy hands that are so capable of destruction and make then work for good.  Every little bit counts.

-Make your words truth.  Mean what you say, and think about it before you say it.  Words matter, we know that.  Speak Love.  Speak Truth and Hope. Frustration and dumbing down is real and rampant today, but we have to rise above it.  We just do.  Even if we feel evil and angry, we need to use kind words. My kids went to a Waldorf school when they were young and they said a little prayer before their snack time that I’ve always loved and remembered:

Kind Thoughts are the Gardens

Kind deeds are the Fruits

Kind words are the Blossoms

Blessings on our Snack

Plant those thoughts, deeds, and words and let them grow into the good stuff.

-Take care of the elderly.  Make sure older neighbors have blankets, heat, and food.  Especially as time goes on and their services may be reduced.  A little attention goes a long way to someone who is alone and frightened.

-Breathe deeply.  We hold our breath when we are afraid.  Read books. Make yourself smarter.  Keep your brain working.   Exercise.  Take a nap.  Love yourself.  Feed yourself organic food, less meat, less sugar, less alcohol, more vegetables and fruit.  Drink clean filtered water.  Keep your recycled star suit of a body in tip top shape.

-Give an animal or two or more a home.  Share what you have.  Stir up some heartstrings with a four footer. Rescue each other. Fall in love.

These actions will help smooth out the rough spots and soothe the tattered soul.  We need to be better than what is happening around us.  Go High, and fight the good fight.


  1. Dolores says:

    I’m loving your reading and will take heed incorporating it into my life. But I’m NOT ok with the abstinence of alcohol 😘


  2. Diane Smith says:

    A wonderful beautiful reminder !
    Thanks for blogging this..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue says:

    Thanks Liza great motivating life goals. I’m on it!

    Liked by 1 person

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