Armpit Love – A Bonus Post for my Cancer Brothers and Sisters, Survivors and Thrivers


Good Morning, my Friends!

I wanted to re-tool this post I published some time ago.  I remade another batch of this homemade deodorant and just find it to be so fantastic I had to tell you about it again.  This recipe is important for a few reasons;

Firstly, your lovely armpits are home to many lymph nodes that work hard to clean and filter the gunk in your body.  If you are using a manufactured product on your pits, such as aluminum, you are delivering potential cancer causing chemicals directly to your lovely lymphs.  Once daily for most of us.  And then it sits, and you sweat, and pores open and close.  That is a recipe for disaster.

Secondly, there is an article floating around on Facebook about the safest and most effective deodorants.  I took a look, and then I followed the recommendations to Amazon.  And dang, they are tremendously expensive.  Like 50 to 75.00 a pop.  This recipe will cost about 13.00 for the Shea butter, 10.00 or so for the coconut oil.  A few more bucks for the arrowroot and baking soda.  The essential oils can be pricey, but we should all have a good set of those on hand anyway.  This makes a batch that will last a year, or you can divvy up amongst your posse.

Here’s the big reason that I want to wrap myself around this recipe and consider it a big part of my Cancer fighting tool belt; I add a mixture (from Epigenetic Labs, but you can make your own) of Turmeric, Frankincense, and Myrrh.  The three oils are a nightmare for inflammatory disease, and many studies are showing that they can give cancer a run for it’s money too.  So I am smoothing this bad ass remedy on my armpits, one of which holds several centimeters of ugly cancer.  Take some of that, Ugly Cancer. POW!

My boys chose sweet orange as their flavor, because “it smells like candy.”  SO, here is the recipe again.  It takes about ten minutes to whip up this disease fighting love.  Do it:

Armpits. My daughter used to call them armpots when she was a wee lass. I have mixed feelings about mine. I have a tumor in my right armpit, so where I once felt pretty carefree about my armpits as long as they were clean smelling and freshly shaven, I now know they harbor many lymph nodes and are directly tied to my health and well being.

So I care about what goes on them. I don’t want any nasty Parabens and Aluminum poking my cancer cells and stirring up that nest of bees. And I don’t want it for you either.

I stopped using “grocery store” deodorants a long time ago, and switched to the more natural variety, the crystals etc. But I teach Spin classes and Yoga classes, at least 1 class on most days, maybe two. I need something that works.

Many of the homemade recipes call for cornstarch, which I am wary of because corn is so heavily genetically modified and in so many US products from diapers to food wrappers. I am sure most Americans have an allergy to it, at the very least a sensitivity. I found a great recipe that uses arrowroot instead of cornstarch, and baking soda on the Hippy Homemaker Blog and loved that she added essential oils and whipped the melted shea butter and coconut oil with an electric beater, so the result is a smooth, soft and fragrant mix of love for your pits. Baking soda is said to be a cancer fighter , so I don’t mind rubbing some of that love into it’s little black heart.

The recipe calls for:

1/2 cup of Baking Soda

1/2 cup of Arrowroot Powder

1/2 cup of Unrefined Coconut Oil

1/2 cup of Unrefined Shea Butter

Melt the Shea Butter in a double Boiler. In a bowl, mix the coconut oil into the dry ingredients. This works well with a fork. When the dry ingredients are well mixed with the coconut oil, pour the melted Shea butter into the mix and stir well. Here’s where the recipe gets an extra dose of awesomeness – the Hippy Homemaker strongly suggests you don’t skip this step and I concur – whip the warm love with an egg beater until completely mixed.

Add your essential oils. I used 30 drops of lavender and 30 drops of grapefruit. She suggest a few other potential combos;

Lime and Vanilla (15 drops lime essential oil, 4 drops of vanilla Absolute Vodka)

Lavender Lemongrass (30 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of lemongrass)

I have to tell you, I am proof wearing my mix now and I can barely keep my nose out of my soft and supple, clean and fresh pits! I even made a batch for my sister, so she can share and wear the love, too.

Photo by Tim – The Cleveland Kid – thanks Tim!!


  1. Anita lovasi says:

    Thank u for sharing and caring . I will try this forsure . What do u keep it in ? Does it harden ?

    Liked by 1 person

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