The Panic Room


Good Morning, my Friends.

I’m at work on a website, Intuitive Self Defense. I had that site up and running at one point, but it now means more to me than simply using intuition to protect ourselves in a dangerous situation. There’s also Emotional Self Defense. Radical Self Defense. The whole tamale – inside and out. Our feelings, our thoughts, our health, our Well Being.

ISD includes our relationships with our friends and family, our work. How we put ourselves out there in the world, and how we function at home. Some of our most debilitating and draining relations are with the people or things that are closest. They have a toe hold that a stranger might not. A lover. A parent. A boss. We’ve talked before about the power of words. They can either wither or swell our hearts and spirits with no effort at all. Some of us need extra help “defending ourselves.”

Like many of us, I am easily battered by words and other peoples emotions. Some might call BS, because I can appear to be to toughie. I’m resilient. I land on my feet. I think fast. I don’t suffer fools. But slings and arrows from people I love go deep, and are hard to remove. I ruminate. I worry.  I wonder what I did to deserve such treatment. I think that’s true for many of us.  At the tender age of 55 I am just now learning what it means to put myself first and hold people that aren’t as thoughtful or careful with words at arms length.  I can still love them, but they no longer have inner access at the expense of my Well Being.

I probably would never have gotten to a place of defining Self Defense for myself in every way, Emotional SD, Mental SD, if it had not been for catastrophic illness where the stakes are black and white and there is not a lot of room for forgiveness. If I don’t put myself and my Well Being first, if I don’t defend my physical and emotional self with love and good food and laughs and yoga and meditation, I could pay the ultimate price. I can’t afford that, because i have the best three kids in the whole wide world and we need to be together for a long time. I have to be present and mindful, and protect my head and heart. I, We, You and Me, need to surround ourselves with Love, Baby. Capital L.O.V.E.

ISD will help us become our best expert consultant through centering yoga practices (Yum Yoga), Mindfulness,  Meditation, and Self Defense practices which hone instincts.  We listen to our hearts, and our intuition. When my kids were young I taught them from a wee age that the feeling in the bellies were their instincts, and that if something felt wrong and hurtful, that they should trust that. I was so glad when I saw that take root, because I knew that would hold them in good stead forever.

It has always been my nature to put others first, and make them comfortable emotionally. Even if it put me in danger. Literally. That was how I was first mugged on an subway train at the Word Trade Center. Because I didn’t want to make someone else (my assailant) uncomfortable. More on that later. But this same sacrifice of our own well being happens on many different levels. That’s where Intuitive Self Defense was born and where it will live to serve you and I. It will provide validation that we can be our best selves ever. It will be our Safe Place. Our Panic Room.

See you there soon!!


  1. Anita says:

    POWERFUL . 🙂 Thank u for inviting me to the room.

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  2. Susan Gauthier says:

    Excellent! Thank you, Liza


  3. Lucy Conway says:

    Thank you always for your great writing. So inspiring and heartfelt. Short story in reply. My son was held up at gunpoint in Silver Lake, CA. When asked to put his wallet and phone on the ground, he took out his wallet, threw the money down, and put his wallet (ID, etc) back in his pocket. When i asked how he knew that would be okay with the guy, he said “instinct Mom” Result was he was able to drive home with his license and credit card. As a mom, I still can’t get over that.

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    • Liza Forster says:

      Thanks, Lucy. That’s funny, because I did the same thing with the guy that robbed me. He let me keep a ring that I told him belonged to a friend. I wouldn’t advise that though. But I guess it worked in our cases, huh? Being mugged is a situation where there is no one best way, except to make sure you get out alive.


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