Angels above the Grassline and below the Cloudline


I’ve seen Angels. Not angels with harps and arrows. I’m not a religious person, and I am not attached to dogma. But I have had a few interactions, and I have no doubt that I was awake, sober, and having interactions with a being other than a human.

Days before my son Sam was born, in 1996, I was asleep and felt something sit heavily on the bed. I awoke to see a gargoyle type of thing, made out of whatever a gargoyle might be made out of, concrete or carved marble, but it was supple.  I’ll call the gargoyle he, just because. He had wings with talons at the ends, like dragon’s wings, and a long tail. There were details in the face and eyes, but there also were not details, and that’s the only way I can describe it. This entity was moving around quite a bit on my bed and it had business with me. My husband continued to sleep heavily.

He started speaking, or I heard him start speaking although I don’t remember if he moved his lips. He told me he had come to tell me everything I would need to know about my boy once he was born. He was speaking another language, very quickly, downloading information. I was told I would understand and remember everything, except him. Being somewhat stubborn, I think I looked at that as a challenge to make sure I remembered this creature.

Suddenly he was done, he got up and turned away and was gone. I fell asleep instantly, trying to remember what he had said. I found myself on a grassy plain, hot, dry and dusty. A cheetah emerged out of the tall grass and looked at me. I told the cheetah I had just seen an angel.  The cheetah said, “I know, it was real. But you are dreaming now.”

Right or wrong, I felt that what I had witnessed and remembered was a visit that happened to parent, mothers, before the births of babies. We mothers to be aren’t meant to remember, and these angels are sort of errand runners, delivering important messages and instructions. A few girlfriends I mentioned this encounter to said now that I mentioned it, the whole thing felt vaguely familiar.

Another incident happened many years later. I had gotten an invitation from a friend to have angels visit the house. I thought, bogus, but what the heck. There was some prep involved, you had to open your door to welcome them at such and such a time, offer a cut apple, burn a candle.  The angels were to stay for a week. I was directed by my friend to write a question or two for the angels and leave it by the fruit and the candle. The week was stressful for the kids and I. Were there angels in the house? I certainly swore a lot, the kids and I argued, we weren’t always behaving ourselves. But we stuck to the schedule on the off chance that we did have otherworldly visitors in our house, watching us.

When it was time for the angels to leave I was instructed by my friend to give them a fresh piece of fruit, light the candle, and stay up until a certain hour to open the door to let them out. I didn’t like this part, I was usually in bed fairly early, and if they were angels they could certainly find their own way out. My question was something silly, will I ever find true love, or something ridiculous like that. I opened the door, and as I shut it and turned to go to bed, I heard, as plain as day, as loud and clear as if someone had spoken into my ear “You Already Have Everything You Need.”

Well, there it was. A real answer from real visitors.   They were right,  I knew I did have everything I truly needed.  Love, a job, a roof over my head, my health, my children’s health.

My feeling about angels, and it’s just a guess, because who knows anything, really, is they are errand runners, PA’s. I didn’t get any sense of judgement or feelings or emotions, just Beings meant to take care of business. There’s no question about whether I believe in what I experienced, because I don’t question my ears and eyes and mind, at least not yet. I still have my faculties, but I have no doubt, that angels walk among us taking care of human business.

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